Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim: 47 (2)
Volume: 47  Issue: 2 - April 2019
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1.Understanding the Harms of HES: A Review of the Evidence to Date
M.Necmettin Ünal, Konrad Reinhart
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.72681  Pages 81 - 91

2.Effects of General Anaesthesia on the Middle Ear Pressure
Engin Deniz, Sevtap Hekimoğlu Şahin, Necdet Süt
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2018.52284  Pages 92 - 97

3.Effect of Coagulation Status and Co-Morbidity on Flap Success and Complications in Patients with Reconstructed Free Flap
Yusufcan Ekin, İlkben Günüşen, Özlem Yakut Özdemir, Yiğit Özer Tiftikçioğlu
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.07752  Pages 98 - 106

4.Influence of a Tourniquet on Opioid Consumption After Local Infiltration Analgesia for Total Knee Arthroplasty
Sietske M. K. Bakker, Nienke M. Kosse, Sakib Crnic, Gert-jan Scheffer, Rudolf Stienstra
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.30906  Pages 107 - 111

5.Retrospective Analysis of Eighty-Nine Caesarean Section Cases with Abnormal Placental Invasion
Feride Karacaer, Ebru Biricik, Murat Ilgınel, Demet Tunay, Mete Sucu, Hakkı Ünlügenç
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2018.31799  Pages 112 - 119

6.Effectiveness of P6 Stimulation for Reduction of Nausea and Vomiting During Caesarean Section Under Combined Spinal-Epidural Anaesthesia: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Danielle Levin, Shaul Cohen, Scott Mellender, Ushma Shah, Paul Kang, Adil Mohiuddin, Rong Zhao, Geza Kiss, Enrique Pantin
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.08830  Pages 120 - 127

7.Detecting Major Complications and Death After Emergency Abdominal Surgery Using the Surgical Apgar Score: A Retrospective Analysis in a Caribbean Setting
Keevan Singh, Seetharaman Hariharan
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.65872  Pages 128 - 133

8.Effect of Mean Blood Pressure During Extracorporeal Life Support on Outcome After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Romain Jouffroy, Alexandra Guyard, Pascal Philippe, Pierre Carli, Benoit Vivien
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.73558  Pages 134 - 141

9.Cost Analysis on Intensive Care Unit Costs Based on the Length of Stay
Mehmet Kılıç, Nureddin Yüzkat, Celaleddin Soyalp, Nurçin Gülhaş
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.80445  Pages 142 - 145

10.Comparative Analysis of Balloon Compression and Radiofrequency Ablation in Idiopathic Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Retrospective Study with a 24-Month Follow-up
Anuj Jain
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.53533  Pages 146 - 150

11.Publication rate of abstracts orally presented at the Turkish Society of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation National Congresses
Büşra Tok Çekmecelioğlu, Betül Kozanhan, Gülay Eren
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.33603  Pages 151 - 157

12.Use of the Ultrasound-Guided Erector Spinae Plane Block in Segmental Mastectomy
Onur Selvi, Serkan Tulgar
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.50024  Pages 158 - 160

13.Breast Implants and Bilateral Tension Pneumothorax Following Blunt Chest Trauma
Mathieu Martin, David Lobo, Jennifer Jaubert, Paul Henri Jost, Fabrice Cook
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.73669  Pages 161 - 163

14.Timing May Influence the Pharmacodynamics of Atropine as Pre-Medication
Aybike Onur Gönen, Eren Fatma Akçıl
doi: 10.5152/TJAR.2019.28445  Page 164
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